Episode 4: Home for a Rest

In our modern society, we often celebrate our ability to multi-task as a skill above all others, but could we become more effective if we were to rest a little more and work a little less?

Are we starting to sacrifice quality in the interest of adding more work to our days? Would we benefit from more time focused on rest and relaxation instead of hitting those 80 hour work weeks?

Reflecting on the trend towards slowing down and making space, Home for a Rest discusses the idea that if we were to focus on our time spent with loved ones over time spent at work that we might be more effective in both places.

When our bodies and minds are tired we are more likely to offer lower quality outputs in our home and business lives, yet we still force ourselves to continue. Before our society became increasingly industrialised we focused on work and hobbies that delivered satisfaction for our work products. It was not just the fact that we finished something, but instead that it was made with care and craftsmanship that we could take personal pride in.

So we dive into the idea that maybe we could all use time to go home for a rest.

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