Episode 5: Don’t should all over yourself

Originally founding her first company 2005 Senka Radonich is a serial entrepreneur. After creating her passion project, Adventure Girls in 2006 Senka put the company on the shelf to focus her career in marketing and corporate team building. Not feeling rewarded in her work had become status quo and when she lost her mother in 2013. Faced with an extraordinary wake-up call, Senka decided that life is too short to be unhappy and chose to forgo the safe route. In 2014 she decided to place her attention on being satisfied first and brought Adventure Girls back to life.

Facing intimidating challenges has become the foundation of Senkas’ portfolio. An NLP Coach and Practitioner this lady has walked away from her corporate persona with an enthusiasm one might credit a crazy person.

Critically Drinking Senka Radonich
Senka Radonich: the original adventure girl

Now selling out every booking at Adventure Girls, Senka has added two new start-ups to her resume. This year she has successfully launched Your Ultimate Sisterhood and Conversations with Extraordinary Everyday Women to help push even more women out of their comfort zones, and into living their someday lives in the quest to fill their happy tanks.

Crafting what she calls a life full of imperfect action, Senka asks the question what am I making (failure) mean about myself?. When failure means that you are creative and doing the shit you have always wanted to do shouldn’t you just stop and celebrate all the cool stuff you just did instead of comparing yourself to someone else?

Comparison can be a dream killer-Senka Radonich

She offers us the insight and friendly reminder that we could be one of the people just sitting on the couch wishing instead of being someone who can claim the Tick! I did that!

Clearly Senka Radonich is proving that doing things #likeagirl and #failingfast can be more rewarding than punching a clock any day! Here’s to a full #happytank for everyone!

This post is a part of the Ground Breaker Series on Critically Drinking. Give a listen to some of our other ground breakers here.

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