Episode 6: Make the choice

Inspired by the latest The Oatmeal comic talking about moving away from FOMO (fear of missing out) and over to being able to celebrate the choices we make to do or not do things at work or home. The truth is, IT GETS BETTER, there is life after the obstacles you are facing today.

Making tough choices on how we invest our time can be suffocating to a lot of people. The reality is that once you do make a choice, good or bad, you become free again. Unfortunately, it is that time in purgatory when we feel like we need to be everything to everyone that inadequacy rears its ugly head.

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid-Goethe

The magic of making a choice for anything from what car to drive or if you should leave your partner, is the reality that life is a moving target and sometimes we hit and sometimes we miss. Celebrate the lessons you learn trying to hit it.

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