Episode 8: The determination to make it work

Allie Downes is on her third country in just over five years. Possibly on the eternal adventure of discovering new places, people, and experiences, Allie is a person you want as your friend.

Allie Tree

Originally from the UK, Allie and her husband moved to New Zealand on what she describes as an extended adventure vacation that lasted over four years. Today she joins us from Sweden where she is crafting a new life in a country where she not only had no network but also didn’t speak the language.

She shares insights on the scary bits of changing countries in an honest and charming manner that is not only inspiring but humbling. Acknowledging that changing countries is hard is a bit of an understatement for Allie, but each move and life she has created is another adventure for this passionate lady.

Her pragmatic approach to life is refreshing. When discussing the research she began doing to prepare with her husband Nick she talks about being bombarded with stories of failure. The failures became overwhelming so instead of having hopes shattered, they traded researching for tickets and got on a plane.

We just decided if we were going to do this….we would work really hard to make it work

This positivity goes beyond her approach to moving and extends into how hard she was willing to work for find a job in her field as well. I worked really hard. Harder than I normally would. Spending more than 3 days prepping to get to know both her target organisation and herself paid off. After just a few months in Sweden, she has found a role in her field and seems to credit being lucky despite the concerted effort she put forth.

Her tips for success as a new resident in any place include having the determination to make it work and asking for help and advice from everyone you meet. She also plans to be the person that will try and make life easier and point them in the right direction for those she meets who need a bit of support

This post is part of a series on Citizens of the World. These citizens of everywhere and nowhere are choosing to craft the life of their dreams by making the place they live just a part of the story of their lives. If you liked hearing Allie’s story check out Episode 15: Life 3 suitcases at a time and learn how Kristin feels that the right attitude and a desire for adventure can make cultural variances part of the fun of living somewhere new.

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