Episode 10: It’s gotta come from inside you

Tren Christiansen is a pretty diverse guy. With a professional passion for risk, governance, and project management he faces problems with an analytical mindset.

You can find him attacking the problems of the world through pop culture, literature, and sport through his Google + posts, but he is more than a sum of his skills and hobbies.

He talks of the challenges we are faced in the corporate environment with sage wisdom and humour and discusses ideas like the value of experimentation in our lives. He tells us to “experiment as often as you can with the tools that you have” and that “if it doesn’t work, try something else”.

Experiment! Try something! Change it up!-Tren Christiansen

While he believes strongly in trial and error, he reminds us how important it is to “Trust your gut” because when we are doing something we love the creative spark and passion we display to others can’t be lit by someone else. “It’s gotta come from inside you!”

We need to remember that egos will heal, but complacency only serves to increase as time moves on. Truly, failure is just a warm-up for victory.

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