Episode 18: The first and best bit of advice

When you talk to a guy like Will Dayble you think about his CV. You see a list of successful companies and imagine that the person you are about to chat with is going to be a poster boy for business school approaches. That is decidedly NOT the case.

Yes, he (and his partner) have created a few really outstanding companies like The Fitzroy Academy which is revamping education and Squareweave which is doing digital ethically. Both businesses are blossoming under his leadership but it isn’t his accomplishments that stand out when you speak with him. Instead, what you hear is a passionate guy with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Truthfully, he is pretty hard not to like.

Will Dayble: Entrepreneur, educator, digital guru

Will advocates for doing socially responsible business with a profit first mindset. While he admits that “It’s a bit schizophrenic”, that hasn’t stopped him, and his bottom lines are proving that this is not the wrong answer.

“Understanding that maybe there’s better definitions for doing good and making money that can cohabit and are useful together. And by realising that it’s easier to simply do both well than it is to split time between the two and put on a philanthropy hat one day and then a profit hat the other day.”-Will Dayble

Through his passion for getting shit done, Will has become a very busy guy, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying himself. Neither do regrets. “It’s inefficient to care about what might have happened”.

His focus on improving the planet and making the world better for tomorrow clearly fills his day, but when asked to reflect on advice for young entrepreneurs his philosophy of logic and reason come through clearly.

“The first and best bit of advice would be to not take my advice”-Will Dayble

It’s clear that Will has mastered the power of the yes and no answer, but even that can teach us all a lesson about taking risks. No person can cut and paste a path to success, so maybe it’s time to accept the idea of being a unicorn and make our own maps.

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