Episode 19: Quiet revolutions

Loni Davis is more than just a professor. This passionate lady decided to return to grad school to complete her Ph.D even though she already had a busy consulting business in organisational design.

Despite having all of the academic credentials one might need to be an expert, Loni has remained passionate about staying engaged in her own personal learning journey. She says of her classroom experience that “It feels sometimes like I’m in a live lab because I’m learning. I’m learning so much.” It’s this desire to be both instructor and student that make her an exciting professor to watch and learn from.

“I think a revolution needs to be started, even if it’s a quiet revolution of academics experimenting….I’d like to see myself and others….take more risks”

-Loni Davis Ph.D

While quick to admit that there is a luxury to moving into professional academics with a successful consulting practice, Loni credits curiosity and a desire to generally face challenges as a member of the working team as the foundation for her professional and personal achievements. Her resume is strong and because of this fact she tells us that “I don’t feel that I have to worry so much about pleasing….And actually I think when I take more risks it makes my teaching better.”


Live experience in the workforce has also taught her the value of theory being dosed with lots of reality in order to overcome difficult situations. “We have to start to get as complex as the problems we are trying to solve”

“I think people need to attach their learning to problems…that problems don’t fall neatly into different disciplines…The really interesting problems in our world are multi-disciplinary”-Loni Davis Ph.D

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