Episode 20: The gift of enthusiasm

When you are introduced to Tesh Randall you are pretty sure that she is just another girl next door type who moved to a beach town, but then again we all know that first impressions are often wrong. Following a known path isn’t what Tesh has done and she is quick to tell you that while she knows she might have missed out on some experiences she has no regrets about her unconventional route so far.

Starting in childhood being home-schooled, she has certainly used a different map than most to reach success. Self publishing her first book at 19 and pushing on to create unconventional companies as opportunities present themselves Tesh and her partner are not wasting a minute. Leveraging every opportunity that comes their way has served to make her an enthusiastic supporter of other people’s projects as much as her own, but admitting that “You can’t force your own enthusiasm and onto someone else”, was the first step in realising that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.

“There’s all these reasons why they can’t do the thing that they want to do, but I’ve never subscribed to that way of thinking” -Tesh Randall

Created out of a passion to use digital skills to support social change Tesh and her partner Seb Walter have created the Good Agency which is making a dent in our world by working exclusively with organisations that meet their values of social good. Feeling that the work they do is helping contribute to a world she wants to live in, Tesh tells us that she would rather make less money and live more simply than compromise values she holds dear.

Living in line with personal values is in no way stopping the ideas from flowing for Seb or Tesh. Opportunity knocked for the power duo again when an overly large batch of homemade coconut yoghurt turned into Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, a boutique, ethical food business that now is stocked all over New Zealand.

Tesh Randall Critically Drinking Podcast
Tesh Randall with Partner Seb Walter

Fuelled by a desire to create a world she wants to live in and an optimistic attitude, Tesh is creating new things every day and loves supporting those around her. Sadly, her eagerness is not always contagious. Quick to admit that wanting everyone to be successful is not enough and that “People need to find their own enthusiasm” in order to make an idea turn into something real, Tesh is still cheering from the sidelines for everyone she meets.

Knowing that triumph is not the only outcome has made her a proponent of planning for both good and bad outcomes. While she admits that “Contingency plans only take you so far” Tesh advocates for the need to be flexible in business; a skill she is working to improve for herself everyday. Failures are not uncommon to this kiwi lady, but a desire to get to the other side of the challenge has stopped her from giving up when things get tough.

You just have to keep going. Even when stuff goes wrong. It’s either that or you just give up, and then…what’s the point?-Tesh Randall

You would think that all of the milestones and victories she’s achieved would be enough for someone at the end of their career, but it’s clear that Tesh Randall is just getting started.

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