Episode 22: You’ll never regret having done it

Lucy O’Connor is a lot of things, but more than anything she is human. Giving up a day job with an approved career path and a secure income is not a luxury that all of us can afford, but it’s exactly what she did. I know that running off to chase a dream is something that a lot of us fantasize about doing but are afraid of the ramifications and now we can live vicariously through Lucy’s journey.

Lucy 3Almost a year ago Lucy quit her 9-5 to chase her dream of working in a new field all the while documenting her story on her Monday Hustle website and associated social media accounts. Telling her story with honestly and humility is what has caused her to not only create a connection with her readers, it has helped her to create a space where reflections on victories can be celebrated right beside stories of the hard times.

The creation of her public persona has actually served to bring her even closer to her family as she shares her feelings in real time with the world. Unfortunately, not every day has been fun. Being lonely, losing friends, and being responsible for creating her own motivation to hustle is not as easy as it seems, but as she navigates each new challenge, Lucy’s story is helping people around her and she feels that using her strengths can fuel the energy of her readers. “I love to make people feel empowered and I realised that that was my thing”.

Lucy2What makes this story even more special is the fact that Lucy has worked to take advantage of every chance she trips across which proves that she is living the story she is telling us publicly.

“You just have to embrace the opportunities that are in front of you. …..It’s now or never. This is the moment. This is the defining point.”

What makes Lucy unique and special is the fact that she has learned to embrace the suck through her weekly journey of documentation.

“I think it’s really cool that I have that documented as well…. I feel like this is the part that’s missing for a lot of people….You can’t just coast along and expect life to be easy all the time. That’s not real.

There’s a lot of manufacturing (for online personas) and sometimes I feel like I should do more to be more real.”

Her reality has taken her through some good and an equal amount of hard times. From jobs she hasn’t landed to some of her more recent successes she has learned that money is no longer as important to her as it used to be. She tells us that “As soon as you focus on money as the end result it warps the passion” and it’s clear that she is living a passionate life focused on chasing her dream.

Lucy’s path can teach us a number of lessons about working towards your goals with enthusiasm and focus. While it isn’t always easy, it’s always worth getting yourself motivated to hustle.

You can find Lucy on the Monday Hustle site, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so make sure you follow her to see what happens next.

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