Born of an epiphany with a couple of friends in a bar that no longer exists in a city I no longer live in, Critically Drinking is the combination of critical review and audits on business, pop culture, content, and concepts without the filters that sober minds cause us.

As consumers of content, services, and products, we are all natural critics but are more often than not focused on what people are comfortable hearing rather than what we really think and feel about something.

As in life, Critically Drinking is a mash-up. The musings of a scholar-practitioner doing their best to blend criticism with pop culture and human nature.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good……

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Introduction and closing music sounds are imported from FreeSound under a creative commons license. You can find the original content here.

Opinions shared on the podcast are those of the individual and as such are to be taken as no reflection on current or future employers and partners.

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